Fiches des danses 2022-2023

1-2 SNAP (apprise mercredi 25/01/23)

2 STEPPING AWAY (apprise lundi 30/01/23)

ALWAYS HUMBLE (apprise lundi 24/04/23)

ANYONE ELSE (apprise mercredi 12/10/22)

BACKROAD NATION (apprise lundi 26/09/22 et mercredi 28/09/22)

BLACKTOP (apprise mercredi 22/03/23)

BROWN EYES BABY (apprise lundi 10/10/22)

BUZZ BACK (apprise lundi 28/11/22)

CITY OF MUSIC (apprise mercredi 14/09/22)

COWBOY STRUT (apprise lundi 26/09/22)

CRAZY S (apprise lundi 07/11/22)

DAYTONA SAND (apprise mercredi 17/10/22)

DESPERATELY IN LOVE (apprise lundi 07/11/22)

DONE (apprise lundi 12/09/22)

FLYING DOWN THE ROAD (apprise mercredi 30/11/22)

HERE WE GO (apprise 

I'M ON MY WAY (apprise lundi 12/09/22)

KISS ME (apprise

KNOCK OFF (apprise ?)

MARTHA DIVINE (apprise mercredi 16/03/22)

MIGHTY FINE (apprise le 05/04/23)

MR LONELY (apprise mercredi 28/09/22)

NICKAJACK (apprise 12/22)

NO LAST CALL (apprise mercredi 18/01/23 et lundi 23/01/23)

O F (old fashioned) COWBOY (apprise lundi 09/01/23 et mercredi 11/01/23)


PARIS TENNESSEE (apprise lundi 03/10/22)

RAISED LIKE THAT (apprise mercredi 14/09/22)

REUNITED (apprise 

SOMEBODY LIKE YOU (apprise mercredi 23/11/22)

THE ROAD (apprise lundi 28/11/22)

TOURIST (apprise mercredi 18/01/23)

UNDIVIDED (apprise 

WITHOUT ME (apprise mercredi 16/11/22)

WON'T YOU DANCE WITH ME (apprise lundi 03/10/22)