Passion Country Brives-Charensac

Fiches des danses 2021-2022

AIN'T NOTHIN' LIKE (apprise lundi 18/10/21)

BOOTS ON (apprise lundi 07/02/22)

BY AND BY (apprise lundi 22/11/21)

CORN (apprise mercredi 13/10/21)

COUNTRY BOY LOVIN' (apprise lundi 11/09/21 et mercredi 13/09/21)

CRAZY SONG (apprise lundi 11/09/21 et mercredi 13/09/21)

EASY DANCE (apprise lundi 03/01/22)

EASY TWIST (apprise mercredi 12/01/22)

GETTING GOOD (apprise lundi 03/01/22)

HONKY TONK WAY (apprise mercredi 30/03/22)

I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY (apprise ?)

KISSED A COWBOY (apprise lundi 25/10/21)

LOVE AIN'T (apprise lundi 20/09/21)

LOVE GIRLS (apprise mercredi 16/03/22)

NO TRUCK SONG (apprise lundi 27/09/21 et mercredi 29/09/21)

PICK HER UP (apprise mercredi 17/11/21)

PLAYBOYS (apprise mercredi 27/10/21)

PRETTY GIRL (apprise mercredi 09/02/22 et lundi 28/02/22)

RAISED LIKE THAT (apprise ?)

SOMETHING YOU LOVE (apprise mercredi 10/11/21)

TAKE ME HOME (apprise lundi 11/10/21)

TAURUS (apprise mercredi 05/01/22)

TEXAS TIME (apprise mercredi 30/03/22)

THANK YOU (apprise mercredi 06/10/21)

THE LITTLE FARMER (apprise lundi 10/01/2022 et mercredi 26/01/22)

'TIL YOU CAN'T (apprise mercredi 30/03/22)

WE ARE ONE (apprise ?)

WHAT WE'RE MADE OF (apprise mercredi 01/12/21)

WINTERGREEN (apprise mercredi 13/09/21)